Cartanza Senora dive site in St. Thomas

Cartanza Senora

The Cartanza Senora is the most visited dive site in St. Thomas... read more

WIT Shoal II - LST 467

WIT Shoal II / LST 467

The WIT Shoal II is located a few miles southwest of the St. Thomas airport, near Saba Rock ... read more

WIT Concrete wreck dive site in St. Thomas

WIT Concrete

The first impression of the WIT Concrete is “Wow, this wreck is huge!” It’s 350 feet long, 55 feet wide, and more than 50 feet tall...   read more

DC3 Airplane Dive Site of St. Thomas

DC3 Airplane

An airplane crash landed in the ocean about a mile from the end of the runway on the morning of July 19, 2006. It was a DC3 airplane ...  read more

Wye Reef Dive Site

Wye Reef

Wye Reef is located on the southwestern side of Buck Island, about four miles from St. Thomas... read more

Supermarket Reef dive site in St. Thomas

Supermarket Reef

Supermarket Reef, sometimes called Limestone Reef, is located in Limestone Bay on the southeastern side of Water Island...  read more

Flat Cay West Reef Dive Site in St. Thomas

Flat Cay West Reef

Flat Cay West is a beautiful reef on the west side of a small island called Flat Cay, located about 3 miles from St. Thomas.   read more

Hidden Valley Reef Dive Sit in St. Thomas

Hidden Valley Reef

Hidden Valley Reef is located on the east side of Saba Rock, about 3 miles from St. Thomas, and is marked with a dive mooring ball...  read more


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