Flat Cay West is a beautiful reef on the west side of a small island called Flat Cay, located about 3 miles from St. Thomas. The reef is vibrantly healthy, with an abundance of hard corals, gorgonians, sponges, and other assorted marine life. Because of the lavish amount of sea life on this reef, it’s one of my personal favorite dive sites.

The reef is located on the lee side of Flat Cay, which makes it a great dive site for days when the easterly Trade Winds make other dive sites too rough. Flat Cay West is often the second dive of a two-tank dive after one of the deep wrecks such as the WIT Shoal, the WIT Concrete, or the DC3 Airplane.

The Flat Cay West Reef segment in “Diving St. Thomas, Volume 1” features Queen Angelfish, French Angelfish, Gray Angelfish, Yellowtail Snappers, Atlantic Spadefish, Cowfish, Smooth Trunkfish, Spotted Eagle Ray, Butterflyfish, and a Peacock Flounder.

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