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Order now and see 8 excellent underwater dives in all of their full DVD widescreen resolution glory. Explore 3 fascinating shipwrecks, 1 airplane wreck, and 4 amazing coral reefs. Visit the fascinating wrecks of St Thomas and learn a little about their history. Mingle with the sea creatures in their vibrant coral reef homes. This is the best Caribbean underwater movie you’ve ever seen.

If you’re a diver, purchase your Diving St. Thomas DVD today, and invite your dive buddies over for a Diving St. Thomas Caribbean island party. It’s a virtual vacation you’ll be able to savor over and over again.

If you’re not a diver, get the DVD and enjoy the amazing underwater world of the Virgin Islands. Learn about the sea creatures of the tropical waters of the Caribbean. Delight in the beauty of the undersea world. This is a great movie for anyone interested in our oceans.

If you’re planning to visit the U.S. Virgin Islands on vacation, get this DVD now so that you’ll be ready for your next dive or snorkeling holiday. And if you’ve been diving in St. Thomas before, get the DVD to show your friends and family the undersea wonders you saw when diving here. It’s a must-have addition for your video library.

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