Caribbean Reef Squid

Caribbean Reef Squid are fun to watch because they can instantly change their color and their skin pattern, both for camouflage and to communicate with each other. When communicating they can send one message via color patterns to a squid on their right, while they send another message to a squid on their left. Caribbean reef squid are believed to display nearly 40 different patterns.

Colors are produced by chromatophore organs, part of the muscular system, controlled directly by the brain. In addition to camouflage and appearing larger in the face of a threat, squids use color, patterns, and flashing to communicate with one another in various courtship rituals.

Caribbean Reef Squid, like most squid, are voracious eaters and typically consume 30-60% of their body weight daily. Their favorite foods include small fish, other mollusks, and shrimp. Prey is caught using the club-like end of the long tentacles which are then pulled towards the mouth supported by the shorter arms. It has a strong beak which it uses to cut the prey into parts so that the raspy tongue can be used to further process the food.

Caribbean Reef Squid are featured in the Cartanza Senora segment of Diving St. Thomas - Volume 1.


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