Wye Reef is located on the southwestern side of Buck Island, about four miles from St. Thomas. It is sometimes called Rye Reef, and you may hear different dive ships refer to it by either name. It is named after the Royal Mail Ship (RMS) Wye, a steamship which was the sister ship to the RMS Rhone, a famous diving wreck in the British Virgin Islands. Both ships were owned by the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, and sank in the same hurricane on October 29, 1867. The wrecks were reported in the ship’s log of the H.M.S. Darwin by L. Vessey, Captain and Senior Officer, and the Wye was mentioned in the RMS ship's log entries 12 and 26 here:.

Unfortunately the Wye was a wooden ship, and time and tides have washed away all traces of the wreck. But the reef is gorgeous, and is home to a wide variety of reef fish, coral, sponges, and other undersea life. Maximum depth to the sand at the bottom of the reef is about 69 feet. The reef starts in Shipwreck Cove, so it is often the other dive along with the Cartanza Senora on a two-tank dive trip.

The Wye Reef segment in “Diving St. Thomas, Volume 1” features Lizardfish, Red Hind, Queen Triggerfish, Filefish, Squirrelfish (some with Cymothoid Isopods attached), Porcupinefish, Parrotfish, and two Hawksbill Turtles.

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